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The St. Kizito Offers a Future of Hope and Promise to Many Part 1 of 4
The St. Kizito Offers a Future of Hope and Promise to Many Part 1 of 4

The St. Kizito Offers a Future of Hope and Promise to Many Part 1 of 4

June 06, 2017 03:35pm

he following post was written by Sempa Don who serves the St. Kizito Foundation “on the ground” in Uganda.

Having the opportunity to work with the Saint Kizito Foundation has brought me so many amazing opportunities. I have had the opportunity to help young children reach a bright future. Hearing their stories and learning what they aspire to do with their lives has been one of the best parts of working with the Saint Kizito Foundation.

These children come from some of the worst possible circumstances. Many are orphaned from civil wars, domestic violence, natural calamities, or had been born into captivity. Others, have been affected by pandemics, namely HIV/AIDS, and other health problems. Still, others were homeless - forced to live in the streets of major urban areas and cities due to economic hardships. But no matter what these kids have had to endure, what amazes me is that, they are always smiling.

One of our core objectives, at the Saint Kizito Foundation, is to restore lost hope in the lives of the children and young adults we serve, by giving them access to a good education with basic scholastic materials and life assistance while walking by their side giving them our love and support. Being entrusted with this type of responsibility can be quite challenging, however, I have learned through these kids, that loving what you do brings love and joy into your heart as well as to those you have been called to serve.

The sisters and brother in the picture attached to this post attend St. John’s SSS are a good example of hopes restored.  They are in form four, per Uganda’s education system, in high school.  I have seen them grow into young adults with their hopes restored.  They now dream of becoming one of the teachers, nurses, and engineers of tomorrow.  It is joyful and rewarding to walk with them into a promising future.

Saint Kizito reaches out to all children - from all walks of life without regard to their background – regardless of their race, tribe, religious affiliation, or gender. The focus is on the child. We follow the word of Jesus Christ when he said in Matthew 9:14, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” This powerful message continues to have a deeper and greater relevance today. The St. Kizito Foundation knows that the children we serve are our future. It is, therefore, imperative to impart and equip them with leadership skills and knowledge that will help them live a Christian life, putting God at the center of their lives, as they go out and shape the world for the future.

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St. Kizito Foundation supports approximately 300 students in their education and life.  We have students at all levels of study, although our primary focus is to provide our participants with sufficient and appropriate education so that they may earn a living and have a successful life. 

Our students are in schools of their choice, based on school and government standards of acceptance.  Students are assisted by St. Kizito counselors and staff in determining the best placement.   

On these pages, we hope to give you a glimpse of the treasure we believe our participants to be.  Enjoy, and feel free to offer communication or words of wisdom that we can forward to Uganda!